New Tech With Coffee Machines


How these individuals go about creating their coffee is an issue of private preference and depends on such variables as convenience, accessibility to electricity, cup quality that is desired and accessible space.

Whatever the approach selected, the coffee should be ground and filtered before it is prepared to be used up. This procedure can become boring for many people, since grinding beans and replacing and installing filters could be viewed as added measures that get in the way of appreciating the end product. Luckily for all these individuals, is a better, more efficient option: the coffee pod brewing system.

The pods have a certain amount of coffee beans which are supposed to be infused with a specific volume of water that is correctly heated. To preserve freshness, each pod is sealed inside plastic package or an individual foil, which may be opened only prior to utilize. Obviously, not merely the pods will be accepted by any machine; the machine must be made to take them, and some do this better than others.

Tassimo Discs, which are Bosch’s own variation of a coffee pod are used by the machine. Each disc has a unique bar code that the machine reads to generate various strengths and different beverage kinds.

Whether you decide to create your own or purchase the prepackaged variants, you may be rewarded with a method that’s clean and unusually easy. An easy push of a button is going to be the sole dividing you from an excellent cup of coffee.

How one chemist is saving lives with house paint


Awesome use of home painting technology!

Her goals were admirable but not necessarily world-changing: develop better, more durable paints and live a charitable life helping others in her local community. It never dawned on her that house paint might be the key to something so life-altering as curbing diseases around the world, or that helping others might mean tackling something really big, like ending poverty. A tinkerer by nature, Mateo set about devising a microencapsulation technology that would let her lace paint with slow-release insecticides that were safe for people but deadly to bugs.

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Turn Any Speakers Into Wireless Speakers


I just may have to try out this bluetooth set up on an old set of speakers that I have.

A home audio system isnt the sort of thing that should require replacing every year or two like a smartphone or a laptop. This stuff is costlyconnoisseurs consider their audio systems an investment, and with proper care, a quality home stereo can last decades. Pick one, hook it up, pair it with your phone, and then any audio coming out of your device can be floated wirelessly to your speakers.

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Classroom Technology & Your Vision


Some excellent tips for back to school to make sure that your child’s vision stays in tip top shape.  Don’t forget, you should be making trips to the optometrist for eye checkups too!

Interactive whiteboards, 3D presentations, personal tablets and computers are becoming the new standard in Michigan schools. In fact, 40 percent of teachers use computers while teaching and roughly 97 percent of American classrooms have a computer. So far, no study has shown a direct correlation between screen time and vision issues.

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CFPB Tech Mortgage Pilot Program


Interesting to see the mortgage industry going in the tech direction.  eMortgages could be here to stay.  It will be interesting to see if some areas also try this for the reverse mortgage industry.

In particular, the CFPB wants to evaluate how technology solutions can improve the consumers understanding of mortgage documents, make them feel more empowered throughout the closing process, and enhance overall mortgage closing efficiency. As part of the pilot, eLynx will monitor actual mortgage closings and provide the collected data for the CFPBs analysis. The loan types to be included in this pilot will cover a broad range of mortgage scenarios, including conventional, FHA and VA residential mortgages, new home purchases and refinances.

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